In 1946, our grandfather, J.P. Sando, opened Madcap Motel in downtown Los Angeles. For years, our family-owned motel was downtown Los Angeles's premiere roadside destination. Then suddenly, in 1966, J.P. vanished without a trace. The motel shuttered its doors and sat vacant for 53 years.

In 2019, we decided to restore our grandfather’s beloved motel. And that’s when the peculiar postcards from Elsewhere began to arrive. Each postcard was signed by our long lost grandfather. He told us that behind the walls of room #433 was a hidden portal to another dimension. He called this dimension: Elsewhere.

With J.P.’s guidance, we got to work to restore the motel so we could open the portal to the public. After months of hard work, we now extend our warmest welcome to our modern day roadside attraction.

Your ticket to Elsewhere transports you to 17,000 sq. ft. of whimsical wonders and amusing adventures. There’s moving bushes, floating furniture, underwater worlds, time warping tunnels, and magic you have to see to believe. Start packing for your vacation from reality and check-in to check out what can only be explained as: Elsewhere.